1st TAS Brigade - NCR
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Technical & Administrative Services

1st TAS Brigade - NCR is the primary HADR unit of the Armed Forces of the Philippines Resserve Command (AFPRESCOM) who continuously train and equip themselves for whatever eventualities the country will need them. Most of the Reserve Officers are directly commissioned through AFP Circular Nr. 4 and 6 and may come from any of the following professions;

Lawyers and Paralegal Specialists (Judge Advocate General Service)

Medical Doctors (Medical Corps)

Nurses (Nurse Corps)

Dentists (Dental Service)

Veterinarians (Veterinary Corps)

Licensed Teachers (Corps of Professors)

Allied Medical, Business, and Mass Communication Specialists (Medical Administrative Corps)

Ordained Chaplains (Chaplain Service)

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102nd TAS Group

Selfless Service Group

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Headquarters & Hqt Service Group

AFP Reserve Command


  • Armed Forces of the Philippines Reserve Command

    The Armed Forces of the Philippines Reserve Command, known officially as the AFPRESCOM, is one the Armed Forces of the Philippines' Major Support Commands created for the sole purpose of Reserve Force management, procurement, and organization.


  • 1st Technical & Administrative Services Brigade (Reserve)

    The 1st TAS Brigade-NCR, known officially as First TAS, is one of seven TAS units of the Technical Services Reserve Group of the AFP Reserve Command, and is based in Quezon City.

    Brigade Commander:  

    2Lt Deric Roque PN (M) (Res)

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1st TAS Brigade-NCR, AFP Reserve Command

Republic Act 7077

An act providing for the organization, administration, training, maintenance, and utilization of the citizen armed force of the Armed Forces of the Philippines and for other purposes. This Act shall be known as the "Citizen Armed Forces or Armed Forces of the Philippines Reservist Act."


The Reserve Force shall be organized into five (5) components, namely:
    (1) The Army Reserve Component;
    (2) The Air Force Reserve Component;
    (3) The Navy Reserve Component;
    (4) The AFP-Wide Technical Reserve Component; and
    (5) The Affiliated Reserves.

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The mission of the Citizen Armed Force, alternately referred to as the Reserve Force, is

  • to provide the base for the expansion of the Armed Forces of the Philippines in the event of war, invasion or rebellion;
  • to assist in relief and rescue during disaster or calamities;
  • to assist in socioeconomic development; and
  • to assist in the operation and maintenance of essential government or private utilities in the furtherance of overall mission.

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1st Technical & Administrative Services - NCR
AFP Reserve Command, Camp General Emilio Aguinaldo, Quezon City